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Thread: Liquidweb VPS

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    Liquidweb VPS


    I use around 30GB of actual quota and 120gigs of mrtg bandwidth, so I lean towards VPSII. Do you know:
    What servers are they currently offering? On their site: AMD Dual Opteron Server, when I spoke to them they said most likely: 4GB of ram.
    1. Do you have a clue if I can request any better than that?
    2. Is there any possibility that we are actually offered less than 40GB for
    our accounts for ANY reason? For example where will cpanel backup, bandwidth
    log files, stats log files, other files, etc. be stored?
    3. Are you satisfied with the performance of their servers?
    4. How about their support?



    P.S If not feel free to suggest me another provider

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    Aug 2006
    You wont receive the full 40gb the OS as well as control panel take up some space but not that much to where with 40gb of storage it will matter.
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    Another thing that puzzles me is that they won't give me access to my accounts backups, neither ftp, nor post them to me in DVD format.
    Any thoughts?

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    I guess its a snap-shot then.

    The problem with backups are that the cost to restore them (as its a manual process) is normally too high to post/ftp them every so often.
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    I had a VPS with Dinix (until they were bought up) and Servint and still have a VPS with Liquidweb.

    I am very happy with the performance of my VPS at Liquidweb as well as the speed and quality of their support.

    Regarding backups: I only once asked them to restore a single file from their backup. This was done within minutes.

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    Funny liquidweb voted for 5 for themselves.
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    I signed up with Liquidweb VPS after the flameout, and I have to say I've been a happy customer so far. All of my questions get answered by a human being, and whenever something goes wrong they just fix it.

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    I recently became a liquidweb customer. I am a noob so I really value the fact that ALL my questions have been answered in a very timely manner by an actual human being. Not just a human being, but a knowledgeable human too...

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    I have been very happy with LiquidWeb. I was a shared hosting customer for a few years, then switched to a VPS over one year ago. The support has been great. When calling the help desk, most times there has been no wait time, and I don't think I ever had to wait more than 5 minutes.

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    I would have to mirror all of the above positive comments regarding Liquid Web. I've been with them for 4 months now and it's been stellar!

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