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    ? CE Customization


    I was wondering if anyone here has had any luck customizing the CE signup form and if so - could you pm me? i have several questions.

    1) how to get the field focus yellow color to go away.
    2) how to make required label be red instead of the field bg be red.

    Hit me up if you have time.

    MODS - not sure if this was the right place to post of if it should be design. Its about the product which is why I posted here. Feel free to move it if it needs to be.

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    You can change these in the css code(s):


    You will need to take a screenshot of the order form to get the color code of the text / form background you would like to change, and then search for the correct style in the above two files and change it to the new color.

    It should be noted that some styles are in other PHP files, so it may take some playing around - especially when it comes to finding the correct style to change.
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