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    need some help to configure cisco switch.


    i'm renting a whole rack cabinet in my datacenter. I have a cisco switch in this rack which all my server is connected to.
    I would like to setup a vlan with a ACL so i can block ICMP, ping & traceroute. and probably some tcp & udp ports.
    could someone help me with this, i tried to configure the switch whole day, and can't get this to working.

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    What model do you have? If you do a google search you can find a lot of good resources and how to's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markus H
    I would like to setup a vlan with a ACL so i can block ICMP, ping & traceroute
    OK, so you're having trouble configuring the switch and you want to setup an ACL that would remove all common means of troubleshooting issues? Configuration issues aside, you might want to point that gun away from your foot.
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    You'd be surprised just how helpful a good SmartNet contract is!
    If you don't want to layout the cash, then signup as a Cisco Reseller and get yourself a CCO account, as you are obviously not yet certified. You'll find endless amounts of useful information direct from Cisco include configuration examples.

    Good luck!

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