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    LF: reliable 2 gb / 20 gb reseller account w/ 10 domains

    What's the average price for the following specs?
    - ~2gb / ~20gb
    - around 10 domain names
    - reliable (over 99%) and decently fast (average above 300k/sec) but it's not for VERY important websites so I don't wanna pay 20$ / month for a A+++ host

    People often say "You get what you pay for" in term of hosting, I wanna know how much should I pay to ensure that I'll get a decent host.

    If you have any reseller to suggest, feel free!

    Thanks for your help,

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    It really would depend on your budget and what you are looking for.. which control panel did you have a preference toward? did you want phone support? did you have a preference in a geographic location for the sites to be hosted? are your sites dynamic (databases needed)? these should proably help you narrow down the field a bit
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    I would say $10-$15 would be a fair price for what you are looking for.
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    Is it Now reseller account are cheaper then Shard hosting account.

    I have seen one website you have get low as .99cent for month for reseller account. It make me wounder how low we can go..

    Back to the post now..

    If you was real review and Top host please go to

    Most of other site will say top host. That mean they Bid to that..
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    I'll give insiderhosting a try!

    I've ordered their Business Multiple Domains plan (1 000 / 20 000) for 15$, a bit under my space requirements but I've heard so many good things about them.

    It's not an "official reseller plan", but it fulfils my needs.

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    Please keep us updated on how everything is going.
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    yes, if they are all your web sites, you dont need reseller account. You can be fine with shared hosting account with add-on domains. Let us know your feeling next month

    good luck
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