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    Netherlands DataCenter

    Looking for well reputable DataCenter in the netherlands for one of my clients. The datacenter must be multihomed bandwidth, and be reliable. The server I would like is a

    AMD Dual Core Quad Opteron 870
    at least 8GB RAM
    (2) 73 GB SCSI (15krpm) Raid 1

    At least a 100mbps port would like 1000mbps but I can deal with 100mbps. Also need to have unmetered bandwidth options, again preferable 100mbps.

    I would like if the DC had some sort of load balancing hardware that they have tested and can use, but the above server is more important.

    oops I forgot to mention that the DC must have DDOS protection!!!

    Any suggestions are appreciated.
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    you can try out or both are great in NL

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    I'd go for leaseweb, they have an excelent network and good hardware.

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    It depends on what you call 'reputable'

    If you want the best of the best bandwidth: Look for a server located in one of the datacenters. They are the absolute best, however also the absolute most expensive

    Although Leaseweb is popular, they do not have the best network available. It's not bad, don't get me wrong...but it can't compare to for example

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    I met some nice folks at HostingCon in Vegas a few months back that had a data center in the Netherlands. Their company is I have no idea how their service is but they were nice to talk to on the convention floor. The pen they gave me works nice!
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    Xs4all is a very nice one too. They have great customer care, and a nice network. Unfortunately they are backed by KPN (KPN = The national Dutch phone operator), and that makes them expensive.

    Their primary business is Internet Access though, through xDSL.

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    I would prefer Leaseweb as they have great service, with speeds and no lag's even tho when it's running the full BW..

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