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    Php/mySQL programmer needed

    Ok...the low down:

    Primary System
    Image/Video/Sound Hosting System
    Rating System - 1/10
    Comment System
    User Registration Required

    Admin System
    Edit/Delete/Ban Users
    Edit/Delete Uploaded Content
    -Shows Who Uploaded Content & When
    Allows Admin To Limit Size(mb) Of Files Uploaded

    Smaller System Stuff
    Ability To Flip Previous & Next Photo
    Ability To Show Top Rated Content
    Ability To Show Lowest Rated Content
    Show Last 5-10 Items Submitted
    View Everything Submitted
    -To Be Broken Down To 25 items Per Page

    I don't care if you alter/change similar systems you've written in the past, whatever saves a buck, ya know!
    If I like your work, and I'm sure I will, you can expect more business out of me. As I'm sure to come up with new ideas of the website in making.

    Give me time line it would take to create this and I'll give you an offer.

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    How can we contact you. I need more details but I can probably do this within 10-30 days. Owner: Providing Security, Administration and Optimization since 2001

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    sorry LoL PM or reply

    and by time, I mean in hours.

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    It says you're unable to accept PM, that's why I said email me It's impossible to tell exactly how many hours it would take...

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    I need more details for a quote on hours. Do you have MSN or AIM or YIM? Owner: Providing Security, Administration and Optimization since 2001

    Now Offering Windows Serivces.

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    Not only can I do it, but it also sounds fun! Before I quote a work price, I just have one question. Will this be primarily coding php/mySQL, or will I have to design graphics and page layouts as well?
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    I've designed a number of CMS systems in the past and would be more than happy to work with you on this one. Please, feel free to contact me via any of the methods in my signature, as you can't receive pms(yet) for information.

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    I plan to pay per hour, hence the asking of hours. Im sure you can gimmie an approx. number.

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    I can complete this in approx. 20 hours time.

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    PM sent. Thank you

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    Hi Thanks for your responses. Many of you have quoted me $500+ and I'm sorry to say $500 is an unacceptable price, thought it seems to be about what 40% of the programmers contacting me are asking. Ive, in the past, had much more complex systems than this built for much less.

    I've decided to scrape the project as I cannot find a price to match or beat my original estimate of $150 (unfortunetly the programmer gave the estimate but said he/she didn't currently have time for the work). They directed me here and said I should find a similar or lower price.

    Thanks for your time, this thread can be closed.

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    this guy is a scammer so be very careful. his suposed name is Jason Barney from carolina.

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