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    Graphic Designer looking for work

    Please reference my portfolio for examples of my work.

    I am capable of working on web and print projects, including webdesign, logo design, corporate branding, poster design, magazine layout, misc. print projects and icon design. If you are looking for more examples of a certain type of project feel free to email or pm me.

    My email is [email protected] I prefer this over pm, but will accept pm as a contact method.

    Feel free to send me a design brief or quick project summary with a budget and I will get back to you with an estimate.

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    do you feel comfortable working with the smarty template engine?

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    I'd take a look at your site in firefox if I were you ... just a heads up.

    Contacted you for pricing details.

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    Should work fine in firefox. I haven't actually tested on a pc yet, so there could be problems there.

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    How much do you charge to design a 800x600 banner page? It will be used as a redirection page, to forward website "A" to website "B".


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