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    Plesk licence fee?

    I'm trying to find out information on how much a Plesk licence fee would be for single dedicated server (essentially, a single domain), but I'm having difficulty finding out what I should reasonably expect to pay.

    Any pointers would be very much appreciated.

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    If you install Plesk without a license you can use it for a single domain and a single email address. If you want to actually have domain support you would need to get a 30 domain license which $20/mo would be ok to accept on from the provider

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    Some hosts even include plesk30 with the dedicated boxes.

    usually pricing is between 0-$15.

    dont forget if you need SQL support you need to get a power pack.

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    Thanks for the replies - much appreciated.

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    In reference to GVHOST's post, isn't the powerpack only needed for MS SQL on Windows?

    I think, but could be wrong, that MySQL on Windows and MySQL on Linux can be accessed through the Plesk interface as normal, it's just MS SQL on Windows that can't (withouth the plesk powerpack / addons).

    I might be wrong...

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