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    how to hold form value using php

    I write small blog web application.

    when user submit new post, it validates the post, check everything on the server side, not client side.

    this cause the problem, for example, if user types wrong verification code, it sends the error message back and get back to form page. but all the values are gone.

    if user type long article, gonna get pissed to type it again. I want to hold the value for user,but dont really know how to do it.

    let me know where I can find example .

    i search on google, " how to hold form value using php", probably this is not correct way to ask, didn't get any useful info.

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    you have the value, it's just that you're not displaying it :
    some form code
    <textarea><?php if ($article!=''){echo $article;}?></textarea>
    note that this is just an example, and it needs further improvement
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    You could also load it into a Session variable.

    Code for Processing page.


    You just have to make sure that on your form page you have the following, so that the form page can access the Session Variable.

    // start the session
    header("Cache-control: private"); //IE 6 Fix
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