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    Soliciting input - which OS?

    hi folks,
    ordering up a low end dedicated server and my OS options are:

    Centos Enterprise Linux 3.6

    Centos Enterprise Linux 4.2

    Fedora Core 2

    Fedora Core 3

    Fedora Core 4

    FreeBSD 4.11

    Gonna be running CPanel, some light database stuff - mysql, postgresql.

    I'm not sure if any of the above OS's offer a distinct advantage over the others...I've worked with fedora before, so I guess that's a consideration.

    Any input appreciated.

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    CentOS has good match with Cpanel i think.

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    Go for Centos Enterprise Linux 4.2 then yum upgrade to 4.4 and you should be all set nicely. Using many servers with that combination without major issues apart from the ones you get on all cPanel installs. Also it has the longest shelf life uot of the options listed there for updates etc
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