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    * perl more secure than php bulletin boards?

    are php based scripts really that unsecure?


    yabb, which is perl based, is more secure than smf, php based?

    does this mean I should change to yabb, perl based forum?

    what are the risks?
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    If I'm thinking off the same thing you are, yabb sucks. You'll probably get booted off your shared hosting.

    There aren't any inherent risks of using PHP, but like anything else, publicly available code (phpbb ect) is very prone to expliots.

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    yeah perl/cgi scripts can cause many more problems that effect the entire server then php. You just have to study up on what you are gonna use, keep up to date and hope for the best

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    As said, cgi/perl scripts can be more harmful to the server in general. PHP scripts are usually more secure, as long as certain things are checked and filtered(injections, etc.).

    In all truth, ANY application that has it's scripts freely available to the general public CAN be a target of an attack. ANY server that is not secured can allow for malicious acts to be taken upon trusted scripts.

    It comes down to the server, scripting engine, the scripts themselves and the public user group. If you can secure the first three, the fourth becomes very limited in ability.

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    thanks a lot indeed!

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