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    separate mail server. can i do it?


    I currently have 1 server and i am going to buy a bigger better server and I am thinking that I will still keep my current one and use it just as a mail server. Is this possable? I will be running cpanel on both servers. I want to be able to have everyones hosting on one server and get a seccond server to handle all of the emails.

    So has anyone done this before? and does anyone have any advice about what I should be doing and how I should be going about doing what I want to?

    Thank you

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    It is possible but you will need to do the following (and this untested / off of my head type thing)

    You need to create accounts on both servers and users will need to change passwords directly from the "mail server" as any password changes on the first server wouldn't be replicated over. Also you will need to remove the emails from /etc/localdomains on the first server to force delivery as well as updating all the MX records.


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