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    Managed host with webforum experience

    Preface: I have a mid-size forum running VBulletin (.5million posts, 500-1000 users at peak times, growing quickly) that is becoming a real pain to handle. I'm currently on unmanaged hosting which was financially necessary when it was first setup.

    I don't have the time to manage the server anymore, and I would like to move to a company that is able to both manage the server entirely, and also assisst intelligently with the scripts (vbulletin in particular) - someone that can manage the server with an eye to what is required to keep a fast-growing php/sql site operating well, as well as diagnose and correct issues when they arise - and if it means going into a script now and then or advising on precise corrections, that would be a plus.

    Location is north america, my budget is flexible (400/mth is an upper limit, but not hard), my coding knowledge is moderate: I know what needs doing, but I don't have the knowledge or the time to invest in getting the knowledge to do it myself.

    I hope that's not too vague. I see a few others in this forum with a similar problem, but the 2 threads with the best advice had very specific problems that don't apply to me.

    Suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    Or, is the better bet to stick with unmanaged hosting (I'm with the Planet right now and they provide fantastic UM services) and go with a sysadmin company?

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    I would probably go for the sysadmin company as if you pick up a good one, (do some searches but PSM comes out quite well) it means they will become familiar with your site and should you ever need to move to a bigger server they can help migrate. Also it means that if you don't like the management you can swap without having to change datacenter
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