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    recommendations of ded server, lot of traffic

    I would like some recommendations on some web hosting companies. I feel like I'm over paying for my hosting.

    Currently I have 3 servers where 1 is unmetered. I am finding out that my 2nd server is using a lot of bandwidth so I need to either get a new hosting company or get unmetered. Right now The Planet / Server Matrix does not have any more servers available.

    I do a good amount of traffic/bandwidth and would like to know where you guys think the best place to host a ded server would be.

    Let me know please, thanks

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    Are you looking for metered or unmetered? You also might want to tell what your budget is and take a look at the "host quoite".

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    Ok right now Im using about 8000 GB of bandwidth on 3 servers. One is unmetered. I am going over the limit (2000gb) on a second server by 1000gb. So it wouldnt make much sense keeping this server and apying so much extra on bandwidth. My third server I use for clients and I pay around $100 for that which is no problem. The main problem I have is I think Im spending too much. I spend around $700 for 3 servers and only one is unmetered.

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    What is your budget?

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    I want to keep it as low as possible and just make sure im getting my money's worth. I think I need another server and im already paying $700 now so looking to keep it low as possible with 1 more server.

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    Try You can get unmetered or metered servers network is very good
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    Cool im going to check out both sites thanks for replying and your input

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    How's the search going?
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