Hi all. I'm not happy with the slow loading MySpace sites and the standard blogs look all the same...cookie cutter.

Can anyone recommend a super simple CMS that is also flexible with designing for it?

I've done some testing with Joomla and WordPress. I'm leaning towards Wordpress, but I've also stumbled upon Simple Machines. This one looks really nice, but maybe you guys know of something better?

Joomla seems good but there were so many options in its Admin panel, I got confused. I couldn't figure out which columns go where or "where I should" put things, so I gave up on it for now.

I like WordPress, but I don't know if it will allow a flexible format of multiple columns.

I want something that's similar to MySpace, with a small "about me/favorites" section, an MP3 player (flash maybe, that I can create? a Video player and a place for "friends".

Picture album is ok, but I don't need a big gallery, more like "paste today's 'image of the day'" and blog about it type of deal.

I plan to sometime down the road, add a shopping cart to maybe sell t-shirts and stuff related to my site.

Which setup is the EASIEST and also able to implement the above reqirements?

I want something that is easily updated via stylesheets, like using PHotoshop and implementing those?

Please help me, as I want to get this up soon. I've been sitting on my domains for almost a year now.

Thanks so much!