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    Question Who provides the best dedicated Debian or FreeBSD servers


    I have one box at SL and another at GoDadday. SL box runs using RHEL 64 bit and GoDadday box using Fedora Core. RHEL does not provide PHP5 and MySQL5. If I try to compile those software I get tons of errors. So I need FreeBSD or Debian only.

    Both of these service providers do not provides FreeBSD or Debian. I need box with minimum p4/p4-Dual core with 2 Gig SATA hard disk.

    I was considering LT but there recent review giving me a cold air. I need 2-4 Hrs hardware replacement SLA.

    Right now EV1 seems to ok for FreeBSD. Does anyone has good or bad experience with EV1???

    Or please suggest me good reliable provider.

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    What's your budget?
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    Ev1servers are good! search for them on these forums you will find yourself about there reputation! =)

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    goku123, what's your budget as well as intended use for the server (both of these details will help us direct you in the proper direction of providers).
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    budget is around $150-175, web server and mail server to run my clients wordpress site
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    That is pretty crazy **** not sure why EV1 is not supporting FreeBSD 6.0 stable.

    I was disappointed with SL as they are not supporting FreeBSD. Otherwise, there support is nice with both RHEL and CentOS.

    Pair seems to another FreeBSD provider but their prices are too high. P4 + 1GiG+80 GB w 800GB for $399 is expensive.

    Well I tried to compile and install PHP5 and MySQL 5 on RHEL but it failed with tons of error. I have also contracted RedHat via mail they said both php5/mysql 5 only supported in upcoming RHEL 5 version. I have to wait till they are going to release it.

    That is why I need FreeBSD or Debian.
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    Have you considered getting php5 and mysql 4 onto your Softlayer box. You could pay for their $3 support tickets and get it all fixed up for less than buying a server outright. Just my .02


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    IIRC Softlayer will install it but the IPMI stuff won't work on the AMD side, but will on the on the Intel side. You could try email some sales dept to see if they will do something for you

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