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    Looking for some suggestions and advice

    Hello everyone,

    I just joined and I was hoping to recieve some advice. I hope this is the right section to post this in.

    I'm planning to start a website, and I am rather new to it all. It will be my first time dealing with a host and such so I am trying my best to get all the correct info to successfully start one.

    The website I am planning to make is a fansite for a particular series. The site will include episode summaries, pictures and so on. And it will also include a forum.

    I've been looking through many webhosts and I found one called "one webhosting" (I would post a link, but it seems I can't without a higher post count) which looks rather promising. I was curious if anyone had any info on it or reviews about how their services are, so I can know if this is a good host to choose.

    I'm also curious how much space and such I might need for the website I described above, so any info on that is also appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for any advice. I've been hoping to make this site for awhile now.

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    Start with a shared solution on a cpanel (the admin panel to manage your website: emails, mysql db, ...) server for example, then as you have a gallery/forum and that your website will be crowed, you will move to a VPS then a dedicated.

    So try to find a host where you can switch from one plan to another.

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    Welcome to WHT!

    How much space you would need partially depends on the size and number of pictures you intend to start with. You could probably start out with 1GB or 2GB and see how it progresses from there. Most good hosts will be happy to increase the size of your account (for a price of course) until you start taking up too much bandwidth or CPU time. In which case you would need to upgrade to a VPS or Dedicated but that is a ways in the future. Until you know how popular your site is going to be in the future I would recommend starting off with a small shared account and expand as needed.


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    Do a search on this site using the search function up top. If there is any reviews it will come up.

    Be careful when searching for reviews on google, since a lot of those sites are fake.

    I'd find a company that provids reliable uptime, I'd suggest you look into the datacenter they use. Rackspace, Layertech, LiquidWeb and a few others are rated very highly, at least you are assured of good uptime if you find this information out.

    Maybe send some test messages out to their sales department to see the response time of their sales department, maybe send a ticket to support by mistake to see how quickly they answer or redirect it

    Best of luck to you.

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    I haven't heard of the company you mentioned, so I can't offer up my advice in that department.

    What I can tell you however, is that you should probably start off with around 500 MB - 1GB of space. Since you said you'll have pictures on your site, you want a good amount of bandwidth as well. Probably over 15 or 20 GB or so. But bandwidth really depends on how popular your site becomes.

    Dealing with a host for the first time, huh? Look for a host that will be helpful. You don't want a host that will start throwing technical terms your way, expecting you to know what they're talking about.

    There's lots of hosts out there that have representatives on these forums. Look around, send a few e-mails, and see who puts your mind at rest. Ask some questios about their plans and see how they answer you. Good luck!
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