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    Angry Sedo Parking problem..

    I registered a new domain name at work today and pointed it to my name servers where the web site will be hosted. It was working fine all day. I come and tonight and the dns was changed back to the registrars default name servers. And now my domain name resolves to a page. I dont know how this could have happened, so I changed it back and now my domain name still resolves to a Sedoparking page... having a bad DNS day I guess..


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    Clear your cache, try a proxy (ie and give it time. It can take 24 hours for changes to propagate. Is it showing your dns or the parking dns in your registrar's control panel.

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    As Techno wrote - this could take time.

    The first question, however, is HOW this happened and WHO changed nameservers. If this is registrar's fault, I'll transfer out of them ASAP.
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    It could take up to three days in fact... I'd find out HOW it changed.

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