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    Looking for Hosting

    I'm not sure what I need, but I have a fairly small message board that I've been hosting with Site5 for over 2 years. Suddenly I seem to be using too many resources. There are never more than 25 people on at one time (although they do stay on much of the day), and the average daily login is 50-60 users.

    One month I received an email after the forum had been shut down stating we were using too many resources. Nothing had been changed on the forum, so I'm not sure what could cause a spike in resource usage.

    I really doubt a forum as small as the one I own needs to be on a dedicated server. Can anyone make any suggestions?


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    Are you requesting hosting offers?
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    Hi Rosie,

    You might want to check with some hosts you have interest in if they're able to host a forum of your size first before signing up.

    How many posts/registered users are we talking about here, and how many users browsing your forums during peak times?

    Also note that usually forums with many mods/addons installed take up much more CPU Usage compared to default forum configurations.

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    During peak times there are about 20-30 on. This includes guests just browsing.
    Yes, I under stand that mods can take up more cpu usage, but they stated the issue was coming from the "showthread.php" which was not modified.

    I'm not sure if I'm looking for offers, although that would be nice. I need ideas! lol. We've been around since 2001 and I don't want to have to shutdown because I can't find hosting.

    I've been paying about 50 bucks/month.

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    I get the feeling your forum should still be hostable in a shared hosting environment. It might take a more lightly loaded shared hosting environment, but I think it can be done.

    For $50 I'm sure you can find a good host that focuses more or less on application hosting. Don't look at the very cheap packages, you need one can give you a decent amount of CPU. It would be good to know how much data transfer you're using monthly though.

    We've been around since 2001 and I don't want to have to shutdown because I can't find hosting.
    "Worst case" scenario, you put the forum on a VPS and maybe suffer some performance hits during busy times, but you won't be asked to upgrade.

    Just a few thoughts on your situation...

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    I'm looking at vps on

    Does this help at all:

    Disk usage1617.31 / 5000.00 MB SQL Disk usage424.38 MB Disk space available3382.69 MB Bandwidth usage2193.06 / 40000 MB

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    Yep, definately look at a VPS. You will get dedicated CPU resources so you should not have the same issues. If your current host is using Plesk as a Control Panel, you should look for a host that offers Virtuozzo VPS plans, because you can then get the Plesk Control Panel that you would be used to. It will also be easier to transfer your site over to the new host too.
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    slhost is pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by startsphere
    slhost is pretty good.
    Could you tell me how long you use this host? And what's the URL of your site?

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    Best if you get VPS for forum, you won't be facing the resources issue.

    << removed >> I suggest you find the reliable vps hosts such as powervps, servint and knownhost. I always visiting dedicated and vps sections, that's how I remember their branding and the reviews.

    VPS section:
    VPS vote:

    Read the reviews before sign up.
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    RosieM, I think VPS suits you well. Having it you'll be able to keep your eyes on everything that goes on on your server and you'll be able to control everything.

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    One thing I noticed on one of the busy forums I host is that people tend to have more than one window with the site open at once so they can keep an eye on other threads, so when infact you only have say 30 visiters on your site they can be using as much as 2 or even 3 times as much resources as you would think.
    Do your users post a lot of images or have big signatures ?

    However, as has been saiud with a forum of that size with that amount of users really shouldn't need a dedicated server.. or even a VPS for that matter.

    Good luck with your search for a new host, your last one sounds like it sucked

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    Probably google spidering your site? Did you tried blocking Google bots?
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    Thanks for all the suggestions.

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    A VPS might be ok if you Don't need Email, DNS, etc.. Just apache and mySQL.. Once you start adding other services it starts chewing up the VPS resources.

    If you do need email, dns, etc.. you may want to look at hosts that don't over sell/over saturate their servers and/or a semi-dedicated server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by startsphere
    slhost is pretty good.
    Quote Originally Posted by dannyy
    Could you tell me how long you use this host? And what's the URL of your site?
    With a website saying top 25 hosts, yet all of them link to an affiliate code how could he think slhost is good, yet it isn't on the top 25?
    Recommended: Stablehost, Hivelocity, Fused

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