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    im 99% certain the hosting design is basicly a rip from the template monster hosting design. I cant be bothered to look trough 26 pages of webhosting designs however, but i warn the buyer to do so.
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    I've seen this design for sale before, not sure if it was on this forum or another. I advides anyone who plans to purchase this design to do a big research

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    Angry This Guy Is A Scam

    About these templates everyone should know that i contacted this guy and he said they were still 4 sale and i paid him and he never replied back so just so no one else gets ripped off by this lame #$%# don't buy anything from him .

    HE goes on msn instant messanger by [email protected]
    His email is [email protected] and i have more info if you want to know more about it

    Another is [email protected]

    message me
    please admins keep this here so no one can be ripped of again. I will let you know his business name also in a day or two hope to show every one about people like this.

    thanks hope u didn't already get ripped off.

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    Should have read my post before, I knew these were selling some where and or before -- I can't remember now. Open a paypal dispute or get a charge back, don't let the guy make a profit off of his scam.

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    hey u can't get ur money back from paypal they said they chose in my favor but can only take money out if he puts it back in that account again

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