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    Burstnet billing trouble


    I would like to ask you whether it is a reasonable way to request from clients to send copy of driving license to verify PAYPAL payment.

    Paypal already verifies its members, by asking codes appears only in card satements.

    Buestnet continously sending us "Pay your invoice" emails for setup payment. We replied all of their emails as

    - We do not want to use their services because of insecure verification proces.
    - You didnt send server details and we never used

    And last reply from BurstNet is again,

    "Invoice #99144
    Date: 10/2/2006 5:10:26 PM
    Billed To: XXXXX

    Are all BurstNet clients sending their identification cards to Burstnet and do feel comfortable? Strange.


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    This is very reasonable especially for Dedicated Server orders. You'd be suprised to see how many Paypal accounts get stolen everyday from phishing scams and so on.

    It is very common for some companies to take extra precautions, if you dont feel safe doing this, I'm sure they'll work it out for ya over some other method, give them a call!

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    Hi Cirtex,

    Although i understand your point of view, this was only for $39 VPS payment

    Again thanks for stating stolen Paypal issue and pre-cautions. Actually, i didnt think about that, but sending a long PDF form to be filled in + requesting copy identification card is not reasonable way, i think.

    PS: By the way, the subject should be "verification method" not billing toruble.


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    Might only be for a $39 server payment, however many things can result from a paypal dispute:

    1. Obviously the loss of payment
    2. Paypal will freez an account with too many open issues.

    If 10 $39 payments were disputed, that's $390... it all adds up!

    Hope it helps
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    Quote Originally Posted by cemk778
    sending a long PDF form to be filled in + requesting copy identification card is not reasonable way, i think.
    This is very reasonable, my datacenter wouldn't even talk to me about setting servers up until I had proved who I was, and this was like 10 PDF forms to fill in the fax signatures with photo ID and so on.
    But the real secure thing about my DC, they don't use paypal FULL STOP !

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    Ok, i understand. What strange is that, they occasionally sending me emails stating that "There is unpaid invoice"

    As longs account is not verified according to their regulations then, they shouldnt ask for payment too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NTHosts
    Are you using their service though ?

    As soon as i filled in order form, they sent to me a PDF document and copy of identification request. That's all.

    They didnt send account info, i never used their service. And i told them, i dont want to use their services either under these conditions.

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    The request was decent, and so is your decision. We're all free to protect ourselves as best we see fit.

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