Age of site (months): 4 years (used to be - domain is included in the sale)

Statistics for the site:

Articles: 60
Sites in Directory: 1702
Threads: 558
Posts: 1,320
Members: 340
Products: 244
Photos 327

Software Included:

Interspire Articles NX: $250 worth
Gossamer-Threads: $450 worth
Blog Software: $399 worth
Vbulletin $160 worth
VBSEO $149 worth
Esvon Classifieds $650 worth
addons $500 worth

TOTAL: 2560

I simply don't have time work on it anymore, I optimized the site for google adsense and it has very high CTRs. I'm willing to help the new happy owner and explain him about the etrucking industry.

Everything is fully customized, and custom designed, graphics, logo etc.

The site is a goldmine for people who know what they are doing with google adwords! the CTRs are very high, users absolutely love the site and the system, and the topic is getting more and more popular.

*I reserve the right to not sell the site if an offer I don't like is made, and I reserve the right to sell immediately if an offer is made I am happy with.

Revenue Details:
Great income from Affiliates, google adsense, linkworth and private advertises!

AdSense: $160
Text Links ads: $240
Affiliates: $50

Traffic Details:
7000 visitors per month and about 60,000-70,000 impressions per month...

Here is the Auction URL: