I have recently deployed a new hosting company.. who did seem to go under the label of a "FREE HOST" which, by the way, was a trial. However, we decided that hosting everyone for free was costly and something we shall never be looking at again.

What do we offer?
Well we offer 3 pre-made plans. They are as follows;

Personal Package - $4.50 USD P/Month
50 Megabytes
3 Gigabytes Transfer
10 Sub Domains (e.g. - client.yourdomain.com)
10 Mail Boxes
10 Mail Redirects (aliases)
10 Mail Auto Responders
10 Multi Recipient Addresses

Business Kit - $10.00 USD P/Month
100 Megabytes
6 Gigabytes Transfer
50 Sub Domains (e.g. client.yourdomain.com)
50 Mail Boxes
50 Mail Redirects (aliases)
50 Mail Auto Responders
50 Multi Recipient Addresses

E-Commerce Solution - $20.00 USD P/Month
250 Megabytes
13 Gigabytes Transfer
100 Sub Domains (e.g. client.yourdomain.com)
100 Mail Boxes
100 Mail Redirects (aliases)
100 Mail Auto Responders
100 Multi Recipient Addresses

Extra Bandwidth is charged at a low $2.00 USD P/GIG

So, what is included with every account?
MS FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions, NO Setup Fees!, CGI Scripting in Perl & C, PHP4 Scripting, MYSQL Database, Server Side Includes, Password Protected Directories, Customized Error Pages, Sever Side PGP Encryption, WAP Server, Graphical Web Site Statistics, Search Engine Submission, SPAM Filtering, Email Virus Protection, State Of The Art Data Center, Daily Data Backups, Multiple High Capacity Connections, Catch-All Email Account, Quick Email Support and Online Technical Support.

Oh and of course, the old favorite, 99.9% Server Uptime.
Now a lot of people simply say "Pish posh!" when they see this server uptime.. but to tell you the truth, we do have this sorta uptime. We can maintain this uptime by having trusted users who will not try to purposly undermine our systems.

We do not use cogent lines. However we do use multi-homed connections. 16 connections to private providers to be exact.

Support for ASP is available, however it is provided by Apache::ASP

Domain Names
At the moment we ONLY host accounts with a top-level domain. We use our own DNS.

Basically because all accounts come with mail servers, e.g. mail.yourdomain.com for both SMTP and POP3. The FTP hostname for your account would be ftp.yourdomain.com as well as your homepage being located at www.yourdomain.com.

The top level-domains are hosted on real DNS and your domain is NOT forwarded to any folder.

Our network is provided by DV2, hosted in Atlanta.
All server spec's are 1ghz+ and at least 512MB RAM.

If you are in need of a.. "Custom Made" plan, please contact us and we will be more than happy to try and help you out.

So.. what do I do from here?
Simple! Go to http://www.brightlightwebsites.com/ and check it out for yourself!

Thank you to those of whom actually read all of this. Thanks for giving us a chance.