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TROY, N.Y./EWORLDWIRE/Oct. 4, 2006 --- Ubersmith, Inc. today unveiled Ubersmith Datacenter Edition Preview Release 1, the first software system to automate and streamline datacenter operations for service providers.

Ubersmith Data Center Edition is designed for organizations that are responsible for managing 50 or more servers. The product builds upon and extends the automation framework of Ubersmith, trusted by hundreds of web hosting companies around the world.

Ubersmith will be implementing the preview release for its DE Launch Partners and gearing up for the first public release on December 22, 2006. Current participants include Voxel dot Net, Steadfast Networks and Colo4Dallas.

"We are very pleased to announce the availability of Preview Release 1. We are looking forward to working hands-on with our Launch Partners and dramatically improving the automation and management of their infrastructure," said Boo Van Alstyne, vice president of development at Ubersmith.

Built from the ground up to address the unique needs of service providers and web hosting companies, Datacenter Edition offers real world, battle-proven solutions to a variety of operational issues. "We are committed to our road map and are very focused on making the product highly relevant and usable to our customers. This is why we are working so closely with our Launch Partners prior to the official release," said Dan Cech, senior developer at Ubersmith.

Launch Partners are immediately shipped an Ubersmith Appliance for their datacenters and Ubersmith engineers work one-on-one with each partner to implement all devices, recommend best practices and perform necessary data migrations to ensure 100 percent adoption of Ubersmith's feature-set within each partner's environment.

More information about Ubersmith DE, including the launch roadmap, is available at

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Founded in 2002, Ubersmith is a leader in service provider automation. Its flagship Ubersmith Professional Edition CRM product is in use by hundreds of service providers all over the world.