We're working on some new software, and need to do mockups.

I need someone who can create a bunch of UI (user interface) elements in a PowerPoint template for me. Checkboxes, radio buttons, normal buttons, toolbars, etc.

The idea behind this is that it is a generic set of elements that can be used to mockup software (including our current project) and websites, and I don't really have the design chops to make it look good. I've put together a limited sample with a fake piece of software here: http://ordal.com/scto/mockups_v1.ppt -- you can see a few of my (poor) attempts at buttons and toolbars. There are more things that need to be created than just this... I'll put together a detailed list before you start.

This doesn't have to be PowerPoint, but it must work cross-platform... so the obvious choice of Visio is out. If you have ideas other than PowerPoint, I'd like to hear them.

If you're interested, PM me with a couple samples of your work and hourly rates, and we'll take it from there.