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    Question about creating a company website

    Hi, i am relatively new to here. so i will thank you in advance if you can answer some of my questions.

    I am thinking of creating a company website with relatively professional looking and it doens't have to be large or anything. it just describes company information and the list of agents associated with the company. yes... so where should i get a free template? or where can i buy such a professional looking website if the price is good?

    and last question is on the market, say if you are doing this thing for a company, how much would you charge the company at first and monthly maintainance?

    Thank You

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    well with a lot of web hosting you get pretty good website templates. or you could try some programs you can download.

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    you can find professional templates at or ask here on forum if someone can make a design for you depending on your budget.

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    Websites are useful to introduce their products or something. But using templates which was used before in another website have some disadvantages for this company. If I were you, I would find someone to design this website.

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