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    Windows Explorer will not load

    Installed a new wireless adapter today and installed drivers + software. restart the comp and I got a registry error which i clicked ok to. I then clicked on a user to logon and it loads the default XP background and thats it. I did ctrl + alt + delete and other processes are running just not explorer.

    I tried starting explorer through the 'new task' button, but nothing there, I tried in safe mode and it still doesnt load anything. Tried debugging mode and crashes before the xp logon screen (Windows is starting up part). I then tried the Last Known Configuration option and that doesnt work either.

    What can anyone suggest? bearing in mind I cannot get access to my computer or control panel or and folders at all. The only other option i can think of is a windows re-install (not format).

    Thanks, any help greatly appreciated.

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    Turn on your computer and keep tapping F8 untill an options screen appears. Then select the "Safe Mode" option.

    Once it loads, and you're logged in, it should present a message asking whether you want "Safe Mode" or "System Restore" - choose to use System Restore. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions to roll back to a date before your driver was installed. Nice and easy

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    you aint the only one

    well a friend of mine is having the same issue Problem is it does it in safe mode too. Tried 3 Full Installs Re-partitioned the drive, Slow format (I never trust Quick format!) and it will seem to be working but as soon as u install something that requires a reboot Whether it be drivers or Windows updates or programs When it reboots Explorer.exe is not running and if u manually start it. it instantly closes before it even loads the desktop or the Start menu. Ran a Chkdsk /r and /f and nothing
    Checked the registry Even got desperate enough to try some of those custom registry tweaks and nothing. I even went as far as to copy The Explorer.exe from another box onto that one (this is all being done remotely As my friend is currently out of state) but i have been walking em through it all over the phone step by step and via Remote admin. i am considering partitioning off the first gig or 2 of the drive and Installed to the *** end of it to test for a failure that CHKDSK doesnt see (its by no means a perfect program!) and am also going to try another XP disk

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