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    Ping big difference between My VPS and Provider?

    I been searching weeks for a good vps that has good pings response to china, but locate in USA (since our customer base are USA).

    I found one that has good pings to the host provider, constant 250ms or so even during busy hours, which is consider good. So i ask if i can be on the same node (same machine) as where the provider's website is hosted at. The provider agree, and I got my vps setup 2days ago.

    Here's the problem:
    for some reason, even my vps and the provider's website is in the same machine, same node, pinging to provider's website is 250ms (good speed), but ping to my vps ip is 600ms, 500ms, sometimes 450ms, and my vps is empty with nothing on it yet (except directadmin). I want to have the same response speed as his website!!!.......Anyone got any ideas why? Or know any solutions? We are about to upload our website soon, need to solve this asap.

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    Can you please show us the result of 'cat /proc/user_beancounters'?

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    Here is the info:
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    My guess is they are doing something strange with packet inspection OR they are using traffic shaping on your VPS.
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    can you tell me ,which vps has good pings response to china??

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