Smilie Script is a powerful Mysql and PHP powered script that offers security, stability and speed. The current version of Smilie Script contains over 1800 smilies with new smilie packs and upgrades being released monthly.

This script offers an advanced and professional smilie website coded in PHP and Mysql for reliability, performance and speed . Smilies can be used on forums, chat programs such as MSN, Yahoo and AIM as well as sites such as MySpace. Users can directly copy and paste the appropriate BBCode, IMG code or HTML to add them to forums, sites and emails.

Smilies can also be added through a powerful admin back end were you can also add new categories and configure the sites to your needs.

SmilieScript has the following amazing features:

Comes pre installed with over 1800 smilies

Free upgrades and smilie packs

Free Support 24/7 365

Built using PHP and MySql for reliability, performance and speed

Admin backend to manage the site

Easy creation, modification and deletion of categories

Easy to add and remove smilies from the site

Users can copy and paste IMG code, BB code and HTML code allowing them to use the smilies on MySpace, Forums, emails and more!

Advanced drop and drag uploader allowing you to bulk upload smilies

Easy to install, online installer does the work for you!

Ability to easily copy and select HTML, BB Code and IMG code

Banner Management built in - Easily add your own banner codes such as Adsense or YPN to all pages.

Modify Meta Tags, Meta descriptions and more from the admin backend

A Smilie Script License is only $24.99 per domain!


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