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    Domain Name Detective

    OK..I recently went and renewed a domain of many I own. As I was looking through the list, I seem to be missing a domain name. It was here at one point now its gone. So I do a whois on it and find its still registered to me and all of my info shows up.

    I call my registrar and they have two records from 2002 and 2003 but nothing after that. I never transfered it. It has been with Regiserfly. So here is what I find when I do a whois on it:

    Created by Registrar: ENOM, INC.
    Last Updated by Registrar: ENOM, INC.
    Domain Registration Date: Fri Oct 11 23:48:33 GMT 2002
    Domain Expiration Date: Tue Oct 10 23:59:59 GMT 2006
    Domain Last Updated Date: Wed Feb 08 18:19:01 GMT 2006

    So I'm like WTF! How did this happen..I cant renew it because I dont know where it is...but when I type it into the web browser it is being redirected to a site and viewing the source shows this:


    <!-- Redirection Services RED-03A-DC H1 -->
    <frameset rows='100%, *' frameborder=no framespacing=0 border=0>
    <frame src="" name=mainwindow frameborder=no framespacing=0 marginheight=0 marginwidth=0></frame>
    <h2>Your browser does not support frames. We recommend upgrading your browser.</h2><br><br>
    <center>Click <a href="">here</a> to enter the site.</center>

    Anyone have a clue how I can get this hijack? resolved...


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    I think XXX.NAME-SERVICES.COM and Registerfly are the same?

    HUmmm......I found out that Registerfly was a reseller? for Enom and recently became a registrar themselves.
    I bet they F-ed up something here when they broke away from Enom...
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    Found more info..

    I called Enom and the guy said my domain name expired and was sold at auction which I never remember this happening..but all of the net (whois) shows me as the domain owner..go figure..

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    maybe you are still the owner, and the domain just dissapeared from your registerfly account, it happened to me a few months ago, about 20 domains dissapeared from my account, just send a ticket to registerfly and tell them the domain dissapeared and that you have to renew it (it expires on 10th October, so hurry up)
    They will put the domain back to your account, renew it ASAP, and don't trust registerfly it the site says the domain has been renewed, go and check whois yourself

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    Log out of all your enom accounts and go here:

    Then use the reseller retrieval tool to see if the domain is with an eNom reseller.

    Also, if the domain expired & was sold in auction eNom will be able to give you the renewal history of the domain. ie. the date the domain expired, any reminder emails sent etc etc.

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