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    My PSP site - value it for me please!

    Dear all,

    Would love your advice on the valuation of my website.

    I'm looking to sell it, but don't want to over-value it.

    Stats are:

    3200 Members, 7000 forum posts, and on average 10 new members a day

    Thank you

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    There's no URL in your post but I assume it's the site in your signature ?

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    My apologies, mid-week syndrome

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    Also seeing very good search engine listings

    For example, 5th on for the term "PSP"
    And we were top 10 for others such as "PSP Downloads"

    Revenue is:

    About $30-40 a month from google adsense
    About $20 a month from text links, possibly more
    And i've recieved 30 PSP games, 40 UMD Movies, about $600 worth of other PSP accessories from promoters
    Also have a couple companies ask me to advertise their new game/movie in exchange for a couple of copies to give away to members.

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    I checked your search engine results from and did not find your site within the top 10 on either term you mentioned.

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    I've learnt that's all depending on which google server you get.

    Please feel free to look at my visitor tracking system.

    That tells you how they got to the site ,such as: psp software&FORM=MSNH - 1st for "Free PSP Software" - 5th for "PSP" - 2nd and 3rd for "PSP Review" (This is sometimes 1st and 2nd)

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