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    Total Choice censorship

    Yesterday my server space at Total Choice became inaccessible and I couldn't receive email whilst expecting an urgent message from a client. I opened a help desk ticket and while I was waiting for an answer I went to their forum. It turns out there was a migration, which I wasn't informed about.

    Some posters at the forum were congratulating each other and the company with the successful completion of the migration, while the live status of the server showed that everything was down. So I posted something like: hold on, guys, the server is still down, I'm waiting anxiously to get to my email and btw, why weren't we warned about this via email?

    So the 'Head Guru' replies very aggressively, complaining that he's sick of his customers 'moaning and yelling' about this migration, while everything had been announced on their board. Well, I certainly don't read their board every day.

    So I posted a reply saying that an email announcing the migration would have been better and that if there are many customers complaining about the same thing, then maybe they have a communication problem. Especially as they perceive their customers' legimite concerns as 'moaning and 'yelling'.

    Guess what, my reply got removed! I guess you can expect anything from someone who appoints themselves 'Head Guru'. I've asked their billing department if I can cancel my account asap with a refund for the remainder of the year, but I haven't received a reply yet.

    It looks like I might be migrating myself; I'm going to search this forum for recommendations for good hosts.

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    I sympathize with you. But there are a few realities you might have to expect from
    now on:

    1. A forum is not a democracy. Sure we have freedom of speech and all, but forums
    are run by private entities who have every right to treat every post as they see fit.
    (Unless you're participating in a government-regulated forum...)

    If (and that's a big if) you posted cuss words or negative personal attacks towards
    somebody there, then they have every right to remove those posts. Most if not all
    forums have some wording about this in their legal fine prints covering this.

    2. Email is not as reliable as it once was. Maybe it's nice if hosting providers sent
    any and all notices of any and all upgrades, migrations, etc. being done, I don't

    Even if they did send, though, chances are not all emails will get through for what-
    ever reason. That's why service providers tend to rather post updates on any of
    their online sites.

    I guess people are expecting complete disclosure and notification whenever any
    changes, upgrades, migrations, etc. occur. I don't blame them, but I sometimes
    wonder if this is maybe "too much" of an expectation.

    Bottom line: you're expecting maybe too much from them. Since you're obviously
    not happy with it, then you have every right to cancel and switch.

    I wish you good luck and good hunting looking for another. But I do hope you'll at
    least consider what I posted above lest you might only be disappointed, and then
    go through the pains of searching for yet another to meet what you expect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Zan
    Bottom line: you're expecting maybe too much from them. Since you're obviously
    not happy with it, then you have every right to cancel and switch.
    Hummm, I don't think that being notified of something as big as a migration is to much to ask.. yeah if it was an emergancy migration due to a faulty server and the host didn't have time to send out emails then ok thats acceptable, but just posting on your forum and expecting all your clients to read it is bad business and of course they're going to get complaints.

    I suggest you switch hosts fast to a company who cares about their clients.

    Good luck with the search

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    First, welcome to WHT! I am surprised that Total Choice did not notify thier clients in a more all inclusive manner. They are a large, established company. Perhaps this was an unexpected migration, something they were not planning on?
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    Hi Mike,

    They sent a mass-email a few months ago announcing a migration. That one was followed by a confusing message saying that some servers were going to migrate and others later, but without providing details as to which server was migrating when. Since the immediate migration didn't involve my server, I forgot about the whole thing.

    In absence of an email to everyone involved in a particular migrating server, they could have posted a hugely visible sticky, in bold capitals or something, telling all forum visitors what is happening and why. I couldn't find any post informing clients about this particular server's migration, just a bunch of guys slapping each other on the back while the server was still down.

    The Head Guru's reply to me was very disrespectful, suggesting I was a stupid fool for not visiting the forum daily. He told me to update something, without giving exact details. Their customer support where I opened a ticket told me I didn't need to update anything. So conflicting instructions there.

    I work in corporate communications at a big electronics firm (rest assured my posts on the TCH were critical, but nothing angry or cussing or anything) and the number one mistake is always confronting clients with back-end technical problems. The head guru was very emotional about all the customers 'yelling' at him while his team worked overtime for 36 hours. If you have more than a handful of the same complaints, than maybe the problem is at your end? In this case, it wasn't a technical problem at all, but much aggro could have been prevented by earlier and better communication.

    If you explain to me politely what is going on, I can wait for a few hours to get my email. But if you accuse me of being stupid and call genuine complaints 'moaning', that's not professional communication. Deleting your customer's posts because they might contain bad news is not professional either and certainly not ethical. I guess they don't care for people who don't want to join the Family (which is what their cosy self-congralutatory board is called) but who just want their website up and running.

    I just wanted people to know this, since any other reactions from me on the TCH forum would surely be deleted again. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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    I'm not accusing you of anything but sometimes even if there is no cussing and since it is written word without any kind of inflection what so ever, sometimes people can misinterpret what you type... Could it be possible that, that might have been the reason?

    Of course then again, it could be because they had so many...
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    The matter we're discussing is a sequence of miscommunications by a company. It has nothing to do with 'inflections' or any kind of other emotional white noise.

    Have you read my posts at all? I am providing simple statements of facts. If I were theorically a raving lunatic, how come they got flooded with similar complaints from other customers?

    Any company spokesperson who uses the words 'moaning' and 'yelling' with respect to their customers on a public forum is not worthy of their business.
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