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    Additional IPs Virtual Dedicated Server Issue - Godaddy


    I recently subscribed to using a GoDaddy virtual dedicated server using Plesk and RedHat. I can't really switch yet because I've already wasted money on a SSL cert and paid for the month. I'd like to try and do what I can before I do switch.

    The problems I have are:

    1. I cannot tie an additional IP to Plesk. I have 3 IPs and I need to use all three for the SSL certificates. There is nowhere in Plesk to put the IPs so I can switch the different hosting plans to the IPs. Does anyone know where to do this? I've had to dig through the server to find all the apache conf files and still I don't see where these addresses are assigned. Were they never set on the ethernet card? I have no clue. Their Plesk help files come up with File Not Found and their knowledgebase tells me nothing.

    When I asked for help they told me "the servers were meant for people who know what they're doing". OMG How rude of them! It wasn't exactly what they said, but...

    Anyway, has anyone had to do this before with Plesk? I tried to do it in the domain but it only gives me the one IP to choose from so I'm assuming there is something deeper I must do--like tell Plesk the IP exists. I did find another Plesk System area but it still only shows the one IP.


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    The servers are unmanaged, which means they don't provide administrative help.

    Are you sure you were assigned those 3 additional IP's?

    Log into SSH of your server, and type in: (not including the ' ')


    This will show you what IP's are actually bound to the server in the operating system.

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    ifconfig isn't on there. :-( I looked in all the /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin directories. I guess I could install it, but that's kind of scary if it's not already installed. I wonder what else is not on there. Hmmmmm... I could go try and get it. It's been about 5 years since I've managed a server so I'll have to refresh myself on a lot of things.

    Thanks for the help.

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    It looks like the IP addresses are assigned in the /etc/network-scripts folder in files:


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    It also traceroutes back to the same machine so it should be there. I'm not that familiar with Plesk so maybe I'm just missing something.

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    This answer should have been answered by their support. I figured it out on my own, but it was spurred by the reminder of ifconfig. They claim to help with Plesk quesitons so they should have been able to do this.

    I had to refresh the IPs in the server area. It threw me off because "Add New IP" was dimmed so it didn't make sense. Grrr. Then I had to remove the domain and readd it to make it point to the right directory because just changing the DNS and the IP with the domain feature didn't work.

    It's all set now. I have to figure out the php problems now. Oy!

    I doing UNIX admin stuff though. I hate that many servers are on windows boxes. It makes me very, very sad and grumpy.

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    You cannot get more then 3 IP's with Godaddy VDS or Dedicated Servers. This is one of the most annoying limitations they had.

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