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    Any feedback regarding

    Thanks in advance.

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    A search on Knownhost gives me quite a number of positive feedback on them:

    Instead of asking the question again and again in the forum, I find reading the posts made by other members more interesting

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    They are great, im with them at the moment hosting a popular arcade sites swf files, its very fast & hasnt gone down yet.

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    I did a search and read many of the good recommends, I guess I am hoping to find out exactly how they are doing for folks right now because things change so fast on the web.

    So far their pre-sales responses have been quick and detailed.

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    everything is Great with them, Support tickets less than 15mins, servers always up

    keep it up Knownhost


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    I have been with them for the past 2 months and I must say I am totally satisfied with them, They usually reply within 15 minute (fastest reply I got from their support was in 2 minutes) They are really great.

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    You, have to agree...

    Knownhost has been fantastic for us... We currently have 3 VPS accounts with vaious providers and I must say, the support and overall experience with Knownhost has been the best out of all of them!


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    yeah my wife has had nothing but good things to say about knownhost.. but that was for a shared plans.

    I didn't go with them myself for my VPS needs, only because they didn't offer me a price per month that I could afford without going over my budget.

    after being with Future Hosting biz for the last 3 months or so, I keep thinking I probably should have went with knownhost, but I figured the $30 I'm paying is worth sticking to for now, otherwise I'd have to pay knownhost $43 for what I'm getting currently, which I really don't want to do unless I have no other choice. Besides, Future Hosting has given me a few little odds and ends that I wouldn't have gotten with knownhost in the first place, like the softlayer private VPN offsite backup thing, thats nice and I've had to use that a few times when I messed up on something and had to restore or copy something from a backup.
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    Just signed up with them today and so far I'm impressed. I know it takes a while to really know what host will be like, but after my recent exp. with and their HORRIBLE customer service (I hope I can get a refund after 4 days of waiting to get set up), anything is better. lol

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    Im so happy I got back with, the BEST VPS host IMO.

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    I wish everyone would just stay away from Knownhost ...

    So i could have them all to myself.

    So far so good. I don't even know they're there. Very few if any problems. Great Support, Timely. I just wish I had time to transfer all of my account to them.
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