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    * Need WEB/DESIGN? "no template based" Professional Design (Spanish Welcome!)

    Yet another designer ....
    Just will go to the point....
    I'm 26 years old, I work in design since I was 16, experience in marketing, design and 'computer technic' with title. Now I'm freelance mostly on web related works.
    I have:
    17 years experience in computers... since my MSX
    10 years experience in design
    5 years experience in web design

    I can do what u want ... from a institucional site, to a full featured portal, search engine or whatever u want.

    I know what u want... links eh? ... keep reading.
    I can do both Spanish and English sites/design (preferably, english text provided!!... I'm not perfect )

    Some websites... are not here (like someones I do yeaaaaars agooo...) and mostly are in Spanish... I work to here (Argentina) and to Mexico, but can work to whatever like my style =)

    yeah yeah... the links... check this ones :

    - I got a beta... and do this to you ppl. who wanted to see Windows 2000 running yeaars ago =) 100% Flashed! (not updated till ...who knows....

    - about in '99 ... or so... I made this for a Publicy Agency I worked to: (Flash) and a DB too....

    - A portal of my city I made to an ISP I worked to.... (home page changed a lot...)
    it was years ago... i have a search engine, forums, webmail, etc. all done by me and only me. check for ex: (some times I got another boy to do the hard work... I mean updating text, news, looking for images to put in postals ... and this things =P ...) Not paying the hosting... so not online ... this is the backdoor small flash site. Old site from the ISP i worked for ... very changed... lost it's style... but... I make it too initialy... another Publicity Agency I worked for ... just... a stupid site... but... counts eh? ... mm... this was the last ISP i worked for... but hrm... not online? ... who knows... I have no backup of the super intro I've made ... A hosting company I design for... (mexico) (I do the intro) (mm.. have to pay I think..) Promo Promo Promo Promo (in construction... bah.. waiting for texts from the company...) (I just copy the template and transated it on spanish "including images"

    And well... there are lot of sites that are not online now or changed.... (not online) (changed) (not online)
    and dunno... SURE i forgot someones.... anyway

    Oh... and the webserver on my pc... you may find some interesting things too .... (maybe I'm not online... but just check it... I'm online 1/2 day =) (logo and web demos) (some demo) (hrm nice test ) (this is the pasteur site!) (some templates of i get on cd...) (logos and other things) (just a flash thing...) (this is a javascript menu system that I MADE (yes I programed it) check it... mm.. I can think it if you want to buy it..... =) (a site I'm about to put online for a client...) (some templates of what was (a site that I dont know in what url is....) (nice javascript/dynamic/flash window.... (some graphic design stuff... very old ~1998 =)

    Want More??????? .... oh men.... just give me two months....
    Between end of 2000 and end of 2001 I was working on no web related things (isp more technic work... servers and this things... not so much on webdesign) so... this is why site list is not longer.... But I'm working now for mexico and .... about there's a new site every 2 weeks... hehe =) ... oh, I just forgot... the sites marked as "Promo" are ~150 usd sites (standarized... but NO TEMPLATE BASED!!) that this Hosting company give to users on a Promo packet they have.... just that.

    I repeat ... ALL the design is not templates... it's 100% original work for EVERY client ... EVERY logo ... EVERY website....
    All depends on the style, color, idea, type, target, etc. of the company/product the site or logo or design is for....
    Get it? ... No templates here...

    Finally .... what can I do ?
    from a simple logo or banner ... to a complete company profile (or image ... dunno how you call this) ... that not only includes the logo but personal cards, letter papers, clothes, paper ads, radio ads, tv ads, website, car/truck plotting (or the design to...) ..etc.etc.

    All related to Visual Comunications ...
    mostly graphic design and web design ...
    but if you want more ... you can get a lot more than this.

    Thanks for reading till here... really.
    sorry for my english (i will welcome your spanish... )

    Spanish // Y si por esas cosas de la vida, hablas español, bueno, de seguro nos podremos entender muchisimo mejor, perdona que te haya leer ingles hasta aca, pero realmenten o sabía que tanta gente de habla hispana entra en este foro. Gracias. //

    Carlos Ariel Sepúlveda
    Want to contact me?
    Mail & ICQ & MSN : [email protected]

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    Mmm.... Did I mention I'm very interested in a Dedicated Server?

    So YES, I can accept one in change for work.

    For work... please send Mail / PVT Messages .... here in the thread... just try not to be too sarcastic you guys

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    Alot of nice work there from the selection I checked out, but a dedicated server in return for work, highly unlikely, but good luck.

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    Thanks for your feedback Axel
    And well... about the server.... who know, I will get one anyway (some NineNineMonth server... heh) maybe this will be the easyest way to do so...
    finally... it's the same ... you work, you get money, you buy something. or you work for something. Just 1 step less

    Oh... did I mention that I can cuztomize everything? (everything cutomizable... not a compiled C+ =) ... like Forums or Classified or ???? Programs ? It's sometimes a hard work (depends on what program) but can be done if the html code and images are there inside .asp .php .cgi code
    I just download Ensim 3.1 to translate it into spanish and customize it to my (soon) future needs...
    I've customized Forums (Vbulletin, UB2k) - Classifieds (e-classifieds) - Directories (Links SQL) - and a lot of other not so knowed programs/scripts (download/postals/database/etc.)
    So... ASK for what you want... all is possible

    Oh... for you people looking for SERIOUS programming ... ask me too about POSTGRESQL databases managed in PERL (very fast code) and/or MySQL managed with PHP, or whatever CUSTOM work of programming / databases / internet you need.
    I work with a few (very smart) people in this kind of proyects, real programming gurus... so ASK for ANYTHING.

    Oh... just talking about this ... this two have postgress backends :

    both for same client, 1st. is the main Dealer drugstore site, for clients it have a login/pass to the DB of about 1 millon products, with a custom made 'add to basket' ... clients are "drugstores" in about 1/2 our country ... the second site are a "service" from the dealer to their clients where it has all drugstores in the south of argentina with a set of templates generated dinamically from user info (including images a colors) from a database... all this have a dedicated server backend (not online server) for processing orders, facturing, etc. conected to terminals via serial... uff... a little complex system that works perfectly automated...

    What do you want to design today ?

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