Dear All,

We have the following offers available in Redbus Mer, Sov, Hex, Telehouse East or North and is available for all orders placed before the 31st October this year.

This is for our Power IP Transit brand which we have sold more than 7000 Mbits of this year alone.

Please note a port charge applies to locations outside of Redbus Sov or Mer.
100 Mbps port charge 65 + vat per month (free setup)
1000 Mbps port charge 300 + vat per month (free setup)

IP Transit deals.
10 Mbps no limit port 89 + vat per month (0 setup)
50 Mbps on a 100 Mbps port 300 + vat per month (0 setup)
100 Mbps no limit port 550 + vat per month (0 setup)
100 Mbps on a 1000 Mbps port 575 + vat per month (195 setup)
300 Mbps on a 1000 Mbps port 1500 + vat per month (195 setup)
1000 Mbps no limit port 4850 + vat per month (195 setup)

This can be delivered via a BGP session, static routing, or alternativly we can supply you with some ips from our PA or obtain a PI block for you.

Our PowerIP Transit operates across 3 redundant Cisco GSR routers and 2 extreme black diamond i-series core switches. We operate 8000 Mbit redundant port-channels between all core equiptment to ensure instant failovers and reliability.

The Transit mix is made up of the following with aproximate percentages.

LINX peering - 23%
Other peering - 5%
Interoute - 12%
Telia/Tiscali/Verio - 21%
Level(3) - 2%
Global Crossing - 1%
Enta - 11%
Cogent - 25% (mainly good US routes only)

Our routers are only branded with in some occasions otherwise are left unbranded.

Our Power IP network is never oversold, and we always have enough capacity for clients to max out their lines to the full burst speed, even if you only have 100 Mbps on a 1000 Mbps port.

SLA : 99.97% on uptime and low packetloss.

We support port channels and trunks if clients require multiple ports for redundancy. We also support loop back interfaces for load balancing.

For more information on our IP Transit services, or to obtain details on our Partial transit (72k prefixes) or Premium IP Transit services.
Please do not hesitate to conact us by emailing [email protected] or calling us via our website

We are proud of our network and more than happy to show clients around upon request.

Company name: Open Hosting Limited
Company reg no: 4968341
VAT reg no: 824 7067 25