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    Payment option with hosting

    Hello Big Brothers

    I want some advice about Hosting

    I like 's Hosting plan very much specially Deluxe plan 6.99 / month and I search lots of site on internet but I think is giving more Space and More BandthWidth with 25 $ Google Adwards Bonus but problem is starting now.

    They only accept paypal that is verified and I dont have credit card yet so my paypal account is not verified. There near about 500 $ in my paypal account so fund is not problem.

    so plz suggest me any hosting company that is providing this much facility and accept paypal account but remember my paypal account is not verified yet.

    Waiting for your replys

    Thanks in Advance

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  3. What kind of plan specs are you looking for?

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    Many host does accept paypal, probably not all does have it listed on their site, I suggest to contact to the host of your choice with this same question (at the same time you test the response time at least, of their sales deparment )
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    Try mailing godaddy once if you like their hosting.. maybe they agree to consider this as a special case if you can convince them..
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    You can try out a search in the forums for the specification you mentioned.

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    Lots of hosts accept PayPal. Try using the WHT HostQuote feature to find hosts who accept PayPal and have whatever else you need.
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    Of course many hosts accept PayPal. Take a look at shared hosting offer and read the reviews before sign up. Massive spaces and bandwidth are truly attractive but don't you think they have poor uptime and support? Do search.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRIBOLIS
    Of course many hosts accept PayPal. Take a look at shared hosting offer and read the reviews before sign up. Massive spaces and bandwidth are truly attractive but don't you think they have poor uptime and support? Do search.
    I agree with TRIBOLIS in it. Having a great amount of space and bandwidth but poor uptime and support isn't a profitable business. There is no use in it at all.
    When I start my seaching for hosting first surely I look at their plans and prices and then I check their support especially in the late evening hours. Because I judge if this or that hosting good or bad on their support. If it doesn't answer immediatelly there is no sense to be in touch with this hosting at all. Surely it's my opinion.

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    Always Buy hosting from a known, with good feedbacks. dont just order and then regreat it, you must check that you buy from a good company, wich will serv you incase of problem.

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    Always buying from the known host is not always a good idea, if the host is to popular with a few thousand customers then their support may lack compaired to a host that only has say 100 customers.
    Just because a host is not well known on here on WHT doesn't mean they're not good.
    That being said do a search round here on WHT, get some quotes, test out support, ask for a speed test etc..
    And find the host that is right for you, not what everyone is using.. thats just being a sheep

    Good luck with your search

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    I would recommend to search more for a host, even though godaddy offers lot of space and bandwidth; there are several restrictions on how you can use them.

    Search more you may find a reliable host for the same price with more offerings ex: a better control panel etc...
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    Last I heard GoDaddy was overselling a bit. I'm sure they're going to run into trouble sometime down the road... if you take my advice, stay away from them. Rather go with a smaller sized company that is realistic about how much can be offered up in terms of space and bandwidth for your price point. Look around the forums - lots of hosts have representatives that post here. Check some of them out. Hope that helps!
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