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    Can someone please list me all(?) the processors in use today according to their processing capabilities? For simplicity keep the processor speed and RAM equal to all.
    Does the manufacturer play any part?
    Is there Dual and Single?

    Dual Opteron
    Dual Xeon

    Please give me an example of how well a specific app would perform on each (for example a forum that would barely perform on the weakest processor)

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    OK..warning to all geeks this is a simplified as possible...

    Celeron: Intel's low-end processor. Dirt cheap now that P-4's are obsolete so Celerons are history...that's why you can get a leftover Celeron server so cheap. Never intended for servers but will work if it's minimal requirements (not much CPU)

    Used to now has been the P-4, also replaced so can be had at a bargain. More powerful than a Celeron, more transistors, with HT better yet. The higher the speed the better but they get hotter too. Also can be had at fire sale prices now.

    Xenon-Intel's server grade processor. Intended for servers or high-end workstations, still in production but old news.

    Opteron- AMD's answer to Xenon

    Dual Opteron or Xenon= twice as much of the same. 1 server 2x the CPU power. Sill in use and available but on there way too- old news.

    Today's tech: Opteron or Xenon 64 bits with dual cores. Now each processor is 2 (dual core) so 2 is 4 and 64 bits is twice the data as 32 although few apps take full advantage of 64...yet.
    The dual cores are what have made everything else old-tech & cheap (saw last-year's hot-rod P-4 3.8HT yesterday for less than $100 ) So today a monster server would have dual-dual core Xenon or Opteron processors, a TON of RAM, fast hard drives, and a big datapipe.

    By spring there will be QUAD core 64s hitting the marked (so a dual-quad=8 processors) and by next summer or so DDR2 RAM will be replaced by DDR3 which will start with a smallest chip of 1GB to feed these new monster processors with the many GB's of fast RAM they will need... technology never stops.

    Want any more details go to Google and search Intel & AMD's web sites.

    If you need a cheap dedicated for something it's a great market as suppliers try to "use up" the stuff they have on hand to be ready for the customers that want the latest & most powerful...all depends on what you need.

    Any forum would run on a Celeron, but not THIS forum. It depends on what you need, little forum, little visitors, little server will handle several. Big high traffic thousands of visitors a day, hundreds on at a time- forum...needs a server to match.
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    A Dual Opteron 242 is equivalent to what Dual Xeon?
    (couldn't find through google)

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