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    What I'm trying to figure out is whether you offered shared hosting or reseller hosting at reasonable prices and spent $150 on advertising a month (I know there's many other factors but try and excluse them if possible)
    Would you receive many customer signsup? I mean how much of the market is left up for grabs?

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    It's all about the smarts of advertising and the expectations you set for your campaign. Would you be happy with one signup after paying $150?

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    I'd be more happy with about 5 or 6 are those expectations to high?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XoC12e
    I'd be more happy with about 5 or 6 are those expectations to high?
    It depends where you advertise and your target market, and how much each of those customers are worth to you.

    If you are selling the same thing as everyone else here and you plan on doing like a lot of people by using google adwords, then yes 5 or 6 is a lot of customers for $150 investment, unless your google adwords performs extremely good for your hosting target market.
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    $150 a month is not really much when it comes to advertising. It can get you 1 customer, 10 customers, 100 customers, but will probably get you zero customers.

    Come up with a real marketing strategy that is not just a number. If you don't you won't be successful. The market is there - you just need to identify it and work it.

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    Thank you all for your replies. It's given me alot to think about.

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    Target market is huge. If you are paying $150.00 a month to advertise at a pre-school, then maybe the people that run the pre-school will consider buying some hosting.

    You need to target audiences / groups that 1) are able to buy hosting, and 2) (have the potential to) want to buy hosting. There are many groups that fall under both categories, its just a matter of presentation and strategy to actually go about the advertising.

    Another thing I noticed is that a lot of hosting advertising is done virtually, because of that I actually posted flyers in public places, all around my university, and in the local paper.

    hope that helped a bit

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