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    Frames and Bandwidth

    Do Frames have any advantages in Bandwidth?
    For example same repeated pictures in all the pages or same script, etc.
    As I know the pictures will be stored in the local and not downloaded each time, but what about the same script repeated in all the pages?

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    Advantages.. Not to my knowledge. If the images are cached in the browser, they never download again until the user refreshes the web site or the web site refreshes itself.

    Scripts.. they are executed each time and are not cached, unless you have a server-sided caching system for your scripts that will reduce bandwidth but now by much if your content is dynamic.

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    If one of your frames runs a lot of MySQL queries when it loads, then it won't reduce bandwidth, but it will reduce CPU usage a little.

    Some hosts enable database caching, but on shared hosting this does little to help, so I wouldn't count on that.

    I think the most important factor to consider is that frames really hurt your search engine ranking. That is the best reason not to use them.
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    Yeah, it helps, even when it brings from the browsers cache it's not instantaneous, but it should only be used in very specific situations, you should think really well before using frames.

    Especially because nowadays people tend to open pages in frames/other windows, the search engines don't care about it (yeah hurts the seo), different browsers see frames and render them in different ways, and there are a bunch of other reasons, so just make sure that it's really a necessity and that it will be an improvement to your visitors (like bloglines or something)

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