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    Is it ethical business practice of server company?

    We purchased one dedicated box from company. As mentioned on there site all server comes with 2 IP's. We got x.x.x.1 x.x.x.2 IP from them
    And we purchased 8 more IP's from them. And we are paying them for 8 extra IP's to them every month.
    Now after few months company asking us to release 2 baseIP's which came with servers because they have allocated it to someone else.
    We showed them what's mentioned on there site that all server comes with 2 IPs and extra IP's can be purhcased anytime but they are not accepting it.
    They are asking that we purchased server with 8 IP's.
    We accept we purchased the 8 IP's but don't we get 2 IP's which they provide to each server?
    We don't want to create issue for $2 every month (IP's)
    But is it ethical business practice of company which sells dedicated servers?

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    We asked to hold till we discuss this issue with our Account manager.
    But they have simply disabled the server to take 2 IP's away.
    All our network is down because the they have removed the DNS server IP.
    Thank you. What a wonderful company.

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    That's very bad business practice. When you bought the server you bought it with 2 IP's and bought 8 extra IP's separately.

    Now they want your two main IP addresses which they set you up with is hilarious. I've never come across a company that want's it's IP addresses back and I really can't see any valid reason for doing so.

    Are they easy to remember addresses?

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    Not at all.
    They saying we purchased 8 IP's so use them but what about the base 2 IP's which comes free with server?
    What if I ask them to cancel 8 IPs which I purchsed so it means they won't provide even 2 free IP's?
    If they provide me 2 free IPs then I should have 10 IP's. 2 free + 8 paid.
    I do not undertand what is going on.

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    Huh... where am I again?
    If they offered and provisioned two IPs when the server was setup and you ordered 8 extra IPs (and specified to make 10 total) then yes you should have 10 IPs total. However, perhaps they misunderstood (it happens easily) and thought you wanted 8 IPs total and so gave you 6.

    At any rate, provisioning the IPs for you and then requesting/demanding them back seems very bad practice. As for if it's ethical, that's hard to tell. They own/lease/whatever the IPs and can do whatever with them and provision to whomever -- especially if the TOS states it. But again, it's not nice to the customer. Why do they need your IPs for this other customer? That sounds like they themselves don't have many IPs and so need to swap them around.

    Now, I can understand their point of view if the IPs weren't being used, but to take an IP from the DNS server? Hmm...
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    Which company is this?

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    Were the fine prints reviewed prior to signing up?

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