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    hot to inserted the ads into the VBulletin?


    i have a friend who want to place a google adsense ads code into his VBulletin forum. could any one help to solve this problem? Many Thanks!

    he say that "i have inserted the ads into my main site however , i cannot seem
    to correctly insert them into the forums.... do you know of any ways to
    properly insert the ads codes into VBulletin?"

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    Find the edit templates section, locate the template you want to add your ad code to , paste it in and save...!

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    Depending on where you want it to show up, you'll have to edit the appropriate template for each section.

    FORUMHOME for the main index page of the forum;
    FORUMDISPLAY for when you click on a specific forum;
    SHOWTHREAD for when viewing a thread inside a forum;

    Those are probably the only ones you would need to focus on, since those are the three major areas.

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