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    Another myspace thread...

    Another myspace thread has openned lol!

    I have a question, how can I make a custom page? Like where can I find someone who can offer me a cheap cost to make me a customized myspace page.

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    see thats the thing, I hear myspace is very limited.

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    Compared to what? Myspace is very customizable. Just search google for a few seconds, find one of the eight trillion layouts and use that yourself the money.
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    Just get a free template and have a go at customising yourself, theres lots of sites with info on how to go about it

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    Yeah, it's VERY customizable. I've seen plenty of profiles that look nothing like myspace profiles.

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    Go to a myspace resource website and take a look at how they design their layouts by looking at the code. Then try making one of your own
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