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    Looking for a Reliable Host

    I have a small HR consulting business in Toronto, Canada and finally after 25 years, I've decided to create a website.

    My needs are really minor. I plan to have the basic services pages, articles page and maybe a few more. There will be very few graphics, if any. I would also like a contact page in a form format that gets visitors to call or email.

    At most I would plan to add several more sites, but they would also be very simple.

    After reading many of the comments and reviews over the past few weeks, my head is spinning. Just when I think I've found a good prospect, I read several others criticizing it, ie. Hostgator, ASO, Bluehill, etc. Overselling, download time, uptime and poor service are a concern of mine.

    My budget is $15.00/month or less. I'd prefer phone support and maybe a bit of extra handholding. I catch on quickly, but I do go through the complete idiot stage first.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Stephen,

    In terms of the hosts you have listed they're all pretty well known here at WHT and you're probably going to find most hosts to be overselling, just depends on how much they're doing so and what measure they take to ensure the servers' uptime and usability with such large packages and so on.

    Just take a bit more time to do some research and for $15/mo I think your needs should be met for hosting simple webpages.

    Good luck
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    Hello Stephen,

    Let me just say welcome to WHT and I hope we can be of some use to you here . We all know how incredibly overwhelming it can be for someone new to the web hosting scene to find the right host, but be assures that the reviews are the best tool to use here.

    Also, be careful about some of the positive and negative reviews. Really read them and decide for yourself which have merit and which don't. This will best serve you in the long run as almost every host will have at least 1 or more "bad reviews" from clients that had things not go their way persay.

    Also, your budget is realistic and I am sure you can find the plan for you. Also don't worry abotu how "savvy" you are with webhosting or computers for that matter as most companies will help you along the way and if not, I am sure we will. Hope this helps .
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    Hello Stephen

    Welcome to WHT, as for your needs, I think that pretty much any host would fit your needs, however, as you said, the list of possible host is unending, probably you could narrow your search for a list of let's say 5-7 hosts, and contact them with a some specific question (regarding to your hosting needs) to "test" how is the communication with them
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    Hi Stephen

    I agree with Jedito that now is the time to make a list and start phoning (or email or live chat). Also, consider some of the better quality smaller hosts. You may find that they can give your account the kind of hand holding you are looking for.

    Your budget is reasonable and your site deployment strategy is sound. Jump in and have fun!
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    Hi Stephen,

    Welcome to WHT! Sounds like you have the right idea. Determine a few hosts you like and then review them here by reading about them. Your needs will be very easy for any host to fullfill. No problems there.

    Be sure to let us know how you make out!
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    My budget is $15.00/month or less. I'd prefer phone support and maybe a bit of extra handholding. I catch on quickly, but I do go through the complete idiot stage first.
    Hi Stephen,

    Welcome to WHT! Your budget is reasonable enough, and I don't think you should have any problems finding a web host.

    I would highly recommend that you begin your search at or

    1. Make a list of web hosting companies that are well within your budget and meet your requirements. A starter package I assume would be fine since you're just beginning on the web with your business web site.

    2. Find reviews for those companies on WebHostingTalk.

    3. Contact each of those companies, test their support response timings. Send them a few support questions to see what kind of a response you get and how fast. This will help you determine the wait time for support.

    Avoid any web host that offers 1000gb for $2 per month, or forces yearly contracts. Also make sure the web hosting company has a money back guarantee.

    I hope that helps

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    I would do searches here, sitepoint and the web directories. If you get several opinions it should point you in the right direction.

    Then if you can in the near future, you could post about your experience with your host. But the biggest hurdle is the "informed decision" portion. It takes a little bit of time to nail down all of your needs with the millions of plans to be found on the web. Goodluck
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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen613
    My budget is $15.00/month or less. I'd prefer phone support and maybe a bit of extra handholding. I catch on quickly, but I do go through the complete idiot stage first.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.


    I think you will do fine but I would highly recommend emailing some potential hosts. It IS overwhelming. Extra handholding you can get but it may be harder to find phone support. Most hosts do fine with email and live chat. - Quality Web Hosting - Under A Gig! - Since 1999

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    My post might sound a bit harsh, but when someone mentions handholding in relation to hosting, I generally think high costs. I'm not saying high price, but high costs.

    Think in any way you like, but even in a country such as the one I live in, $15 is not a lot of money, and as they say, time is money. How much of a highly trained person's time, can $15 buy? Ask a lawyer, and $15 might not even buy you an answer to this question.

    Now, I'm not saying handholding doesn't happen, I know it does. Especially the smaller hosts that have a decent amount of time on their hands, will go to great lengths to please a customer who needs lots of advice and I'm sure, most such hosts derive pleasure out of providing this kind of advanced help. They will even help customers install scripts, find bugs in some pieces of code, you name it, they'll do it with a smile on their face.

    However, as a customer, it's good to keep in mind that this is to be seen as a highly valuable bonus rather than a true requirement. In the end hosting is a well defined service, and while many things connect to it very intimately, they're simply not part of the hosting service.

    Just a few odd thoughts at 4:53 am local time.

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    ldcdc -- I completely agree with you. People tend to forget that we hosting people like to earn a living too. A fair few hosts will go out of their way to help, even at a mere $15 a month -- but don't expect the world. If you truly want help with everything, you may want to consider upping your budget and going with a company such as or perhaps getting some local teenager you know to help you out for cheap.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Any host with CPanel should be easy for you to start. I would also recommend to go with a host which offers SiteBuilder, which enables you create professional web-site within minutes.
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