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    Question Making up packages ?


    I just got my 1st dedicated. but I have no clue how two make up good packages in terms of features/prices. Giving x GB of hard drive space, y GB of monthly bandwidth and z of monthly bucks. And how to best allocate kind of optimum number of pop boxes and databases for each package.

    Any way/equation/rule of thumb/gramm adivce to get this done in somehow systimatic way ?


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    I would suggest for you to review your competitors, have a look at budget hosts, small business hosts and something higher.

    Review your competitor features: bandwidth, disk space quotes and other features (how many pop3 accounts? aliases? web based email access? control panel? etcetc). Look how much they charge and based on all that you can come up with nice packages

    I suggest you visit some of the hosting directories where you can pull up records of hundreds of web site hosting companies

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    most of your clients will by the cheapest package the rest is window dressing

    dos centavos

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    It depends a lot of your targeted customers.

    If you are targeting large corporations, you will want to give out a lot of space and bandwidth for a few accounts. For individuals you will give out a little space and few bandwidth.

    Individuals will probably need more technical support but for small problems, while the large corporations will require less tech support but more specific and big problems.

    It is much more easy to sell 100 small accounts than 5 large ones, but its much more work to manage 100 small accounts than it is for 5 large ones (billing, tech support, handle everyone specific needs, etc)

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