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    * Google's Network

    A co-worker gave me a link to a video from a lecture series, this one titled "Google: Model for the systems architecture of the future". The begining is a little slow, but has great information for the bulk of the nearly hour long lecture.

    Some little tidbits:

    Google's Infrastructure
    >200,000 custom-built commodity servers (very low cost), acting as a massively parallel super computer
    Fault tolerant hardware
    Storage capacity >5 petabytes, low latency (0.2sec), >80GB per server, distributed
    Indexed > 8billion web pages
    >12 datacenters distributed worldwide.
    Capital and operating costs at a fraction of large scale commercial servers.

    Their network is built around standard clusters. Each cluster is comprised of:
    359 standard racks
    31,654 rack mounted servers
    63,184 CPU's
    126,368 GHz of processing power
    63,184 Gb of ram
    2,527 Tb of hard drive space
    each cluster handles approx. 40 million searches per day

    Extra standard clusters are containerized and can be "drop shipped" to data centers anywhere in the world as needed.

    Well if that little bit has you hooked, take a look at the video, on Google of course
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    Nice vid.... long, but nice bits of info....
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    Holy moly Im apply for a job with google, and to think i almost went to microsoft
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    Quote Originally Posted by MogileMedia
    Holy moly Im apply for a job with google, and to think i almost went to microsoft
    Not if I get there first.

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    I didn't watch the video, but aside from the fact that the video is a bit old (relatively speaking, that was over a year ago, and google grows at an astronomical rate), some of those facts and figures are highly suspect (and at least one of them I know to be outright incorrect).

    1. This tells you nothing about their network, this is just a note on their physical setup. Their network consists of primarily Juniper routers, and plenty of OC192 linecards (from what I see 20 feet from our cage). Their 151 location used to have a pair of M20's with some DWDM gear, but they replaced the M20's with a T320 over a year ago due to capacity requirements (they needed more 10GE drops).

    2. AFAIK, not all of their facilities are the same size (hence I doubt this bit of the facts posted above).

    3. They dont use rack-mount servers, they use proprietary setups (much like the bakers racks found in a bakery, that can load up with cookie trays).

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