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    Game servers by the hour?

    Hey everyone,
    I was thinking about starting a gsp, and I have a good idea (or so I think). I am thinking about selling game servers by the hour, as many clans and groups dont need a server 24/7. What would be the pros and cons of doing this? I have searched around, but I havent found anyone who has or is doing this.


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    Running a GSP can be a hard business from what I've heard.

    You have a good idea, but there are already some GSPs that do that. I don't know their names off the top of my head though.

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    One is that you always have to be around to switch out passwords and setup servers.

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    I thought about doing this five years ago but I got lazy and never made something of it. You need to partner with CPL OGL and other gaming leagues to make something happen. You could probably run cash tournaments on the side to increase revenue with a clan entry fee. These are all things I've considered but never tried so I can't guarantee it'll be a sucess.

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    It's a good concept, but it does not work well in practice.

    The basic issue is that game server support is front-heavy. You need to have it set up, and they need to customize it, in a short block of time. Or you could make arrangements to have the setup done ahead of time. They also need to either do that setup every game night, or you need to store it between sessions, which becomes a non-trivial requirement (especially since you can't assume there will be ample resources on the same node the next time they want to play). If something goes wrong, support needs to be there ASAP.

    So basically, you need something fool-proof enough that they won't constantly break it, but flexible enough that clans will really want to use it. Good luck with that.
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    We've had several customers try this before, and all have failed.

    However, what they did lack was automation.

    I'd be interested to see if this did work if it were automated.

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    Get someone to write you a script to have it all automated. It's possible.

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    Pros - Many people would rather rent servers for matches/practice, thus, you may get more of a profit than other hosts.

    Cons - Everything that people said above plus if its not automated, you may literally have to stay up all day just setting up servers, passwords, and configs.

    I know there are people out there who can write you a script where it can create the server, put on the basic maps for matches, and create a generic rcon/server password thus giving you more free time to just run the business.

    however, you'll have to pay some money for that script, and by some, i mean a lot

    Good Luck if you do decide to start this, you may get more profit down the line after you've established your name.

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    The SCInterface (i think) has set something up like this already - they provide the game control panel that LayeredX (layeredtech) utilizes. They already have this system in place and might be willing to talk with you about it.


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    Thanks for the help everyone. I have found a way to setup games. How many games do you think I could have on a Dual Opteron 242 w/ 2Gb Ram? Also, what kind of hard drive setup would be sufficient for this server?


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    I offer Game Servers by the hour at my gaming center but you need to come into the center to do so. A server stores all game configs and loads them to the console when they login to one. I'm sure you could put together something similar for an internet session. To be honest it's not very profitable but it does bring in other business that can be but mostly it gives the kids/gamers in this area something to do.

    number of concurrent players on a dual 242 would depend on the game being hosted, if it were cs: source maybe 120-200 depending on settings.
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    I don't know much about setting up games to play them, but I would think this would be a good solution.

    Get something like VMWare that create base images for each game with basic configuration of each game. Then when someone wants say cs: source you create a clone of that image load it up and they have a cs: source server running and fully functional in a matter of min. Change the root password give it to them and let them add anything they need past basic maps. Tell them that for an extra monthly fee of $10 - 15 you will make sure that image stays around. Just an idea. Hope it helps.

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    One thing I would think you would need to look out for when running this kind of host is having very fast servers. You're servers may only have lag issues a few hours a month, but those few hours could be the time someone bought for a league tournament.

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    We do this at We've put in a LOT of work to get it automated and running smoothly. Game servers are quite fickle and when you run enough of them on demand you find a whole host of issues that crop up!

    There's definitely a market for it however. I realise this is an old thread but it would be great to hear if anyone else is doing this.

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    Youve all missed one thing that does this for free and it's it can be integrated into your site too so it looks better. To the OP Its something to think about or even look at.

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