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    Unhappy How does SSL work?

    I am very new at SSL working with cPanel so please have some patience. Anyway, I would like to know how to install SSL. I have root access on the server, and would like to install it for only 1 client. How would this work? How about if I wanted it only for 1 reseller and his clients? What about for their clients? Where would the SSL company (like VeriSign, Thawte) come in? How do you get the certificate? How would you install it? I am very confused about how this whole thing works. Could anybody help?


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    You need generate csr(SSL certificate signing request) under whm and then sent it to SSL company. They will create cert base on the csr. You will receive the cert from them. Then you can install it from whm>>web ssl>>install ssl certificate

    I hope this may help you.

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