The following website is for sale

It has been used for about 2 months and was made better over the period of time IF you've seen the old one, you can tell some huge differences. There's not much else you can do to this website because it's the best of the best. It's in PHP so the purchaser would have some sort of PHP knowledge to further edit/change the coding or website. I am looking for $xxx amount so post or PM me your offer or ask any questions you'd like answered.

The website comes with EVERYTHING including the psd and scripts implemented within the website. You would also get a fully owned PHP Live chat system as well as a vBulletin board. 2 Livechat images will also be included (Offline/Online)

The following links to show the logins and actual system: (vBulletin Forums Admin Login) (vBulletin Forums) (PHP Livechat Site Setup Login) (PHP Livechat Operator Login)
You may test the chat system by going to, look to the top left and press the button under Live Support.

This site would be awesome for a game server host.

Again, post questions you may have here or pm me. Thank you.