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    cheap servers in europe (P4 with 2T BW)


    icehosting can offer the following server specials:
    P4 3G (new with 2Mbyte cache)
    2 G ram
    2*120GB HDD (total space 240G)
    100mbit connection
    2000G BW per month
    Free setup
    No contract
    100 euro per month
    order: contact for available server
    payment: paypal subscription

    all reservers include:
    remote reboot via web page
    semi managed services
    OS debian or freebsd or fedora 4 or centos 4
    directadmin panel (free)
    free OS reinstalls
    test IP:
    speed test:

    contact info: [email protected]

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    Speed test file somehow not working for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sephirex
    Speed test file somehow not working for me
    you can try this:

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